Writing Unit 3 Lớp 12 Trang 36



Task 1. Theo cặp, các em thảo luận cách đặt câu sử dụng những từ ngữ đã cho.

Các em chỉ có thể thay hình thức của động từ trong câu nhưng không được thêm hoặc bớt đi một từ nào đã cho.

Đáp án gợi ý.

1. There are many ways to tell someone goodbye, and most of them depend on the situation at hand.

2. However, there is one rule that all situations observe: We seldom say goodbye abruptly.

3. In English it is necessary to prepare a person for our departure.

4. We lead into the farewell by saying something pleasant and thoughtful like “I’ve really enjoyed talking to you”.

5. We might also say something relating to the time like “Gosh, I can’t believe how late it is! I really must be going!”

Task 2. Theo cặp, hoặc theo nhóm, các em đọc và thảo luận về trật tự phù hợp nhất cùa từng đoạn văn. Viết lại hoàn chinh từng đoạn văn.

Đáp án gợi ý.

Paragraph 1.

1. C          2. E         3. A            4. B          5. D

1. It is difficult to write rules that tell exactly when you should apologize, but it is not difficult to learn how.

2. If we have done something to hurt someone’s feeling, we apologize.

3. An apology indicates that we realize we’ve made a mistake, and we’re sorry for it.

4. It’s a way of expressing our regret or sorrow for something.

5. When we apologize, we admit our wrongdoing or discourtesy, usually a reason for it, and express regret.

Paragraph 2.

1. C          2. E           3. B          4. A             5. D

1. The simplest way to apologize is to say “I’m sorry.”

2. Let’s take a common situation. Tom is late for class and enters the classroom.

3. What does he do? The most polite action is usually to take a seat as quietly as possible and apologize later.

4. But if the teacher stops and waits for him to say something, he could apologize simply “I’m sorry I’m late”, ask permission to take his seat and sit down.

5. Naturally, more than this is needed, but it is not the time for It because it has already caused some interruption and doesn’t need to make it any longer.

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